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The Tribulations of Prepping

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As much as i would have liked to totally wing this trip and go where the wild winds blow, my own anal retentiveness has somewhat curtailed this plan or lack thereof. This attention to detail has created a few problems in the prep period...

1.) It takes me a long time to plan. ex. Luke and I got together the other night to plan the 9 days we will be spending together in London at the tail end of my trip. I arrived at about 8 following a last meal at Ruts Hut, then we proceeded to figure out where we would meet and where we would stay and if we would possibly take a trip to another city. Well 3 hours later, after numerous discussions with luke's well travelled roommate, a phone call to honor about the attractions of Spain, 2 beers, and countless visits to orbitz, google and hostel.com, we managed to switch meeting spots (only once) and decide on a place to stay for three out of the 8 nights.

While this took a long time, we were still able to marvel at how this would not have even been possible before the internet age. We found and booked a place to stay that we were fairly confident in its reputation in a city which we have never been to and know very little about, except from what we gleaned from the oracle known as google.com. It really makes you wonder what did backpackers and travelers do before all this? I would follow this thread further but have other problems to deal with...

2.) Like how my mobile global phone (ordered on Monday) was shipped (3Day) not to West end drive, Stillwater, NJ, but rather found its way to Westwood Drive, Stillwater, Oklahoma. Thats not even the same timezone people! Well after a lovely conversation with Keith at UPS Olahoma, we decided the fault lay with the mobile company, ekit mobile, so a call to them was in order. once i finally got to speak to a manager, i was assured the phone would be shipped to me on friday so that i could have it by the time i left on sunday. Happy ending, the phone just arrived a few minutes ago and is charging on my wall. Which leads me to some important information


Obviously messages on this blog will be good, but for detailed responses (when i can find some time) email me @ mrdegroat@yahoo.com.


you can call me for FREE*

  • well free for me, international calling rates apply to you :-)

1.) Dial 1-866-305-6462 (as long as you are in the US)
0808-234-7418 for the UK

2.) dial my number: 44 762 4133 716

3.) Feel free to leave voicemails, i can retrieve them for free too

Keep in touch!

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Setting up my travel blog

Welcome to the Blog. Prepare to be assimilated...

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Setting up a blog is kind of a new thing for me. I usually like to update people in person, and besides i never thought my life would be that interesting that anyone would devote time to reading about it.

That being said, i hope i can entertain all of you that choose to check in on me from time to time, and know that i'll miss y'all (even though i'll be in some awesome places and meeting new people all over europe and drinking beer in some all new locations) and i'll be sure to get some pics up of all the places i'll be traveling to.


  • scary aspect of this travel bog, it allows you to categorize your entries in terms of temperature and the drop-down menu goes up to 130 degree F. You better believe that if it was that hot out, the LAST thing on my to do list would be to write an entry about it because number ONE on my to do list: not move...at all.

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