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Culture Night in Dublin and Mr. DeGroat's Wild Ride

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I left Galway Fri morning after an eventful night of music (which i recorded) beer (which i drank) and Supermacs (at which i ate the irish version of a big mac, the Mightymac). I returned to Dublin in time for Culture Night, a city wide festival involving almost every cultural venu in the city. Streets were packed with people and street musicians. I went to a acting workshop which was a little trite but fun and i met two girls (Kiva and andrea) there who said they might see me at a concert that i was planning on attending later. This was cool because up to this point i had been spending most of my time with internationals and these girls were from galway and dublin. Next i went to the archeology museum which had been closed due to royalty on tues, and i got to see a great exhibit on the bog people, ritual sacrifices during the bronze age that have been eerily preserved by the bogs. Next stop: live music, and as i was ordering a guiness, kiva and andrea poked me on the shoulder. we watched a good rock band play, up and coming, poor lyrics but awesome sound. Then we went to a real hip club that tended to play songs that were remizes of lou reed and deadly straits. I told kiva that i was going to belfast the next day and she said that since she was driving north she would offer me a ride part of the way...

Ben, if you are reading this remember the last time that i took driving directions from female actresses? that night got me lost in middletown NY and eventually parked in a snow bank. i should have learned my lesson then.

so she picks me up at my hostel at 10 and we depart for Cavan, at which she assures me, there will be a train to belfast. we hit a detour and she gets lost, so i'm getting a little concerned. next she offers to drop me off in navan so i can take the train from there. unfortunatly, Navan doesn't even have a train station. She is beginning to feel bad at this point and so we drive to the closest town w/a station. Thankfully there was a 2pm train to belfast. Moral of this story: while i learned a lot about driving in ireland (ex, although you shift with your left hand, the clutch is still pressed with your left foot) i ended up losing a full day of sightseeing in belfast. It was an adventure and thats what i am here for so i'm not too upset.

good note: of the $1200 i spent on rail passes, northern ireland is not covered, but the ticket checker in belfast took pity on me and let me go for free after the trip. i love irish people.

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