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Homeward Bound 25.11.2006
London: Part Deux 20.11.2006
Barcelona! 16.11.2006
5 Days in Roma 11.11.2006
Florence, Italy 05.11.2006
So much nicer in nice 05.11.2006
Paris, Normandy and Bordeaux 31.10.2006
New Pictures 28.10.2006
French keyboqrds qre qnnoying 24.10.2006
WE HAVE A WINNER...OR TWO?? 23.10.2006
Wow, embarassing... 20.10.2006
Your chance to win!!! Read Below!!! Not SPAM!!! 18.10.2006
A Tale of Two Clubs 17.10.2006
Berlin never is, Berlin is always becoming 15.10.2006
Cologne Cathedral 14.10.2006
Soooo busy...and naps are sooo nice 11.10.2006
Sad News from Home 07.10.2006
Why Wim and his friends are awesome 05.10.2006
For those of you having trouble finding my pics 03.10.2006
Pictures are up 01.10.2006
Update 29.09.2006
Culture Night in Dublin and Mr. DeGroat's Wild Ride 23.09.2006
Random story about why Ireland is awesome 21.09.2006
Of museums, Minnessotans and pubs... 20.09.2006
The Tribulations of Prepping 15.09.2006
Setting up my travel blog 10.09.2006